Executive Board 2019 - 2020


Remi Schreder


Remi is a sophomore Computer Science and Engineering major from Chicago, IL. Her goal is to increase membership and improve the overall communication between the chapter and its members.


Daryn Browne

Finance Chair

Daryn Browne is a sophomore Bioengineering major from Las Vegas, NV. Her goal is to fundraise enough money for NSBE members to experience opportunities like regional and national conferences throughout the year.


Obasi Lewis

Vice President

Obasi Lewis is a senior Engineering Physics major from Minneapolis, MN. His goal for the chapter is to increase company, community, and Alumni engagement.


Lydia Samuel

Public Relations Chair

Lydia Samuel is a senior Human Computer Interaction major from San Diego, CA. Her goal is to make each NSBE event as worthwhile and engaging as possible and to strengthen the relationship with neighboring chapters.


Niyibitanga Inosa

First Year Representative

Inosa is a first year Computer Science and Engineering major from Tucson, AZ. His goal is to get more freshman in NSBE.


Ayo Ogunfunmi

Projects Chair

Ayo Ogunfunmi is a senior Civil Engineering major from Brentwood, CA. His goal is to create engineering workshops for Engineers4Tomorrow attendees that challenge their perceptions about engineering.


Malonda McElwee


Malonda McElwee is a senior Mechanical Engineering major from Hammond, LA. Her goal is to create a self-sustainable SCU NSBE LinkedIn page that allows students to connect with local professionals and Alumni to aid in the process of finding mentors, sponsors, role models, and advocates.


Mai Sinada


Mai Sinada is a junior Civil Engineering major from San Francisco, CA. Her goal is to reach financial sustainability, meaning that we have set resources and methods for fundraising and making money for the chapter.